Tile & stone flooring is a timeless classic that has benefited from a few modern twists. Some of these twists relate to performance; others relate to design and style. Here, we’ll take a quick look at the latest trends in tile & stone floors.

Large Tiles

Stanza large tile flooring in a luxurious bathroom

Designers agree: the bigger the tile, the bigger the perception. We tend to subconsciously view rooms with large tiles as larger. The impact is especially potent when lighter colors are used. That’s why large tiles are quickly gaining popularity among designers and homeowners alike. Most of our tile & stone flooring collections come in a variety of sizes, both large and small.


Coventry wood-look porcelain tile flooring in a living room

Patterns and stone floors go hand-in-hand. More recently, we’ve seen these patterns reflected in stone floors with other aesthetics, such as the wood-look porcelain tile Conventry. This is fitting, as patterns have kind of become a universal trend among all flooring types. Even better, different styles from the same tile collection can be used to create custom patterns.

Vintage Looks

Retro Vision Encaustic stone-look sheet vinyl flooring in an office

2020 tile looks aren’t ALL about modern design. Encaustic designs have been around for centuries. Back in the 60s, a “modern” twist became wildly popular for some time. Now, we’re seeing that same style coming back to the future.

Tip: want the encaustic look at a more affordable price? Consider our Retro Vision Flooring collection. It combines the same vintage designs and waterproof performance with the affordability of vinyl sheet.

Outdoor Applications

Porcelain tile is impervious, frost resistant, and completely waterproof. In other words, it’s perfectly suitable for outdoor applications. This is good news for the growing popularity of backyard getaways. Porcelain tile is also more affordable than tiles that are traditionally designed exclusively for outdoor use.

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