Flood Damage: How We Can Help

By May 14, 2020Uncategorized

Recent Flooding in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has been devastated by recent heavy rains, and forecasts show that it isn’t over yet. Unfortunately, many of us have had to pay the price with our homes after flood damage that typically isn’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. We’d like to take a quick moment to cover how detrimental floods can be to your home and how we can help.

Here are a few of the immediate concerns following flood damage:

  • A mere 3 inches of water can cause catastrophic damage to your home
  • Immediate action is needed to properly remove and prevent mold
  • Porous materials are particularly susceptible to rapid mold growth
  • Wall boards must often be replaced up to 2 feet above the flood line

Finding The Materials You Need

Unfortunately, price gouging often accompanies natural disasters. However, SP Floors recently announced that we will actually be lowering our prices temporarily as we help our neighbors recover from the storms plaguing Pittsburgh. We’re also making it easier for our customers to recieve financing for the unexpected repairs their homes are now in need of.

Receiving Assistance From SP Floors & Design Center

To learn more about the assistance SP Floors is offering Pittsburgh, be sure to give us a call at 724-941-0072 . We’ll help assess your home’s damage and work with you to develop a plan for any needed repairs.