Comfort, savings, resilience – carpet has it all. It’s an especially great choice for the cold winter months ahead. Here, we’ll discuss why carpet just might be the perfect flooring for winter.

Carpet is Warm and Comfortable

Blue Dismount carpet in a bedroom

Few things are worse than stepping barefoot out of a warm bed onto hardwood floors during winter. Even when the heater is blasting, wood panels always seem to be cold during winter. Carpet has a much lower energy transfer rate, so even in cooler homes, it offers more comfort than hardwood in a warm home.


Carpet Improves R-Value

Like we said, carpet is warm. So warm, in fact, that it can help improve your home’s R-value. The r-value is a measure of your home’s insulation rating. The higher it is, the less it will cost to heat your home. Carpet is known to improve r-value more than any other flooring type.

Un-insulated flooring (such as most hard surface options) can account for a 20% loss in heat. By contrast, carpet fibers naturally retain heat.

While the right carpet can help insulate your home, choosing the right padding can help improve its r-value even more. Memory foam is one of the most effective carpet pads, although its thickness will also help determine the r-value.

Unaffected by Environmental Changes

Lionheart patterened anso nylon carpet

Even some engineered hardwood flooring requires certain humidity ranges. This means using humidifiers or dehumidifiers to maintain the proper levels of your home. So, there’s the cost of purchasing the machine, the cost of powering it and the time it takes to monitor humidity levels.

And then, there’s the impact by changing temperatures. Warmer weather causes some hard surface floors (especially hardwood) to expand. Cooler weather causes them to contract. Over time, these subtle change can lead floors to warp and buckle.

Carpet floors are unaffected by environmental changes. They do not require an acclimation period and will never lose their shape after changes in temperature or humidity levels.

Waterproof Carpet Repels Melted Snow

Effervescent clean home carpet with tan patterns

Many of our carpet lines now include waterproof fibers and backing. This means that when snow gets tracked indoors, it can be wiped away with ease.

Even better, waterproof carpet helps protect your home’s subfloor. Waterproof fiber and backing keep spills just above the carpet’s surface, preventing it from seeping through. If moisture is allowed to soak into the subfloor, it can lead to mold and mildew growth. This is a common problem with traditional carpet and solid hardwood flooring.

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