Waterproof Composite Core – or Wood Composite Core (WPC) – is a new flooring innovation that’s bringing the beauty of hardwood to below-grade installations.

You may not think of wood flooring as being waterproof. However, WPC is actually a wood-plastic composite that often includes calcium cabonate and wood flour. The result: unparalleled performance. Here are a few benefits of WPC flooring.


Similar to engineered flooring, WPC is built with a layered design. The layers include a design film, vinyl sheet and a rigid core, with a wear layer protecting them all from surface damage. The layered build allows WPC to offer more durability against drops, humidity and seasonal temperature changes.


Initially, WPC sounds similar to laminate flooring – so what sets it apart? Unlike most laminate flooring, WPC is completely waterproof. So regardless of spills or indoor moisture levels, WPC boards will never expand when wet. Even better, WPC flooring using the The Fold-n-Tap™ locking system will actually protect the subfloor from moisture.


Luxury vinyl flooring has become a popular choice for homeowners who want the beauty of hardwood in a high-performance installation.

However, some LVT flooring is flexible, so it wouldn’t work well over uneven subfloors. Unfortunately, this condition is more common than most homeowners realize. Even worse, uneven subfloors often can’t be detected until the existing flooring has been removed.

WPC can be installed over most floors with little or no preparation. Its unique design allows the flooring to fill the space over uneven floors.

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