Carpet Installation

Follow these helpful steps and best practices from the carpet installation experts in McMurray, PA.

Before Your Installation

Remove all furniture, items, and wall hangings from the rooms receiving new carpet, including the closet areas. Since carpet can’t be installed over existing flooring, the old floors must be removed completely and disposed of properly. The subfloor must then be assessed, and all imperfections must be repaired or corrected. Now you are ready for new carpet!

Carpet Maintenance | SP Floors & Design Center
During Carpet Installation | SP Floors & Design Center

During & After Installation

When your carpet installation day is here, plan to be home during the process to answer any questions from the crew. Designate a work area for the installation crew to keep and use potentially dangerous carpet installation tools as needed. Keep all children and pets away from both the crew’s area and the rooms receiving new carpet. After installation, now is the time to ask the installers any questions you may have. Make sure to wait through the specified time period before walking on new carpet, as well as bringing furniture back into the rooms. Begin caring for your new carpet right away.

Carpet Care & Maintenance

Although a lot can happen in the average household during a typical week, you can still easily maintain the incredible appearance of your carpet. There are plenty of preventative steps that you can take to reduce maintenance. Also, when you effectively remove dirt and debris as frequently as possible, your carpet receives less wear and tear. When spills and accidents do occur, you can keep permanent stains from forming by promptly treating them with proper care.