Hardwood Care

With proper care and maintenance steps, you can easily keep your hardwood floors radiant and spotless.

Daily Care & Maintenance Of Your New Hardwood

To reduce the amount of wear to your hardwood surface, keep mats in front of entrances to scrape footwear before entering the home, and have footwear removed by the door. Keep pet nails and claws trim to prevent scratches and brush them frequently to reduce dander. Sweep with a gentle bristle broom, dust mop, or vacuum with any beater bars disengaged as often as you can to remove dirt and debris before they become abrasive particles.

Hardwood Maintenance | SP Floors & Design Center
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Treating Spills & Stains On Hardwood

Although spills on your hardwood floors are never desired, you don’t have to stress about stains when you take prompt action! First, gently lift any solid material with a spoon and paper towels or dry, clean cloth. Next, wipe up the remaining liquid spill with paper towels or a clean, dry white cloth, working from the outside of the spill towards the center. Treat the spot with a gentle hardwood-specific cleaner as needed. If your hardwood floors are warranted for wet-mopping or a Swiffer WetJet system for an efficient clean, use as little moisture as needed and ensure the hardwood planks dry in a reasonable amount of time.

Hardwood Installation

Whether you are installing new hardwood planks in one room or throughout the home's floor plan, it pays to be prepared! Our SP Floors & Design Center hardwood installation experts can help you understand the entire process and provide helpful steps to take before, during, and after your new floors are down. The more you learn, the more confident you feel! Review our hardwood installation content to minimize displacement and prepare for long-term satisfaction from your new, naturally beautiful surfaces.