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Quality Shutters In McMurray, PA

The right shutters will allow you to enhance your favorite aesthetic with the ideal materials, tones, and textures, while also offering an easy way to adjust the brightness. It’s all about matching the style you love with the most effective ways to use the amount of natural light your home receives. Whether you want to use light to make rooms feel larger or reduce illumination for a cozy vibe, we can find the ideal shutters for your specific design scheme.

Quality Shutters | SP Floors & Design Center

Types Of Shutters

Hardwood Shutters | SP Floors & Design Center

Wood Shutters

You can use the inherent warmth and natural luxury of wood to enhance a wide variety of design aesthetics from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional. Our classic selection is primed for exceptional results.

Composite Shutters | SP Floors & Design Center

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters have a sleek look and a smooth finish that’s a great match for modern and contemporary spaces! Also, they can easily support humid, damp conditions in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas.

Vinyl Shutters | SP Floors & Design Center

Vinyl Shutters

You will definitely appreciate the high durability of vinyl shutters in your home. In addition to resistance to chipping, warping, and discoloration, vinyl shutters are even resistant to water damage and mold growth.