Window Covering Measuring

Accurate measurements will ensure the most effective window coverings are installed in your spaces.

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Measuring For Window Coverings In McMurray, PA

Since different window covering products require different measurements for an accurate installation, a precise process will ensure the best results and operations. There’s also no need to feel overwhelmed: Our window covering pros can help you measure and install the perfect fitting window coverings with seamless function.

Even small measuring errors can result in your window covering not operating properly, creating unwanted light shining through on the sides, top, or bottom of your coverings. If the coverings do not fit the window casing, this will also delay the entire process and potentially cost more in time and money. Here are a few of the important components to effective window covering measuring:

  • No two window openings are exactly the same size, so each window must be measured. Specialty or uniquely-shaped windows can require making a template in the measuring process.
  • Window sheers can be installed with an inside or outside mount depending on the window molding and sill construction. The depth of the window casing will determine which type of mount will be most effective and the size of the mounting brackets used to install.
  • Inside mounted window coverings house the window covering inside the window casing. Outside mounted window coverings fit around or exist outside the window casing.
  • For window coverings such as patio or sliding glass doors that completely clear when open, allowing for more light and more expansive views, outside mounted window coverings are a great option.
  • For the most effective inside mounts, the inside top of the window casing must be level and the headrail can be leveled with shims if needed.
  • With an inside/outside mount, mounting brackets and headrail are both installed inside the window casing, but they are not fully recessed. As a result, a portion of the headrail is not completely flush with the face of the window.