Follow these helpful steps and best practices from the hardwood installation experts in McMurray, PA.

Picking The Right Hardwood For Your Room

It’s always important to remember that the specific conditions in your home and amount of natural light in the room will help you choose the right hardwood. The experts at SP Floors & Design Center can help you explore which sophisticated hardwood styles are best suited for your rooms, while anchoring the look and design aesthetic that you love.

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Before You Buy Hardwood

When narrowing down your search for the perfect hardwood option, we always suggest that you weigh the most important preferences and factors to find the ideal style. Consider things such as design, performance, durability, maintenance, and budget. If you have a home full of fun activities from kids and pets, it may be wise to invest in high-character hardwood floors that can maintain a stellar appearance and camouflage wear. Let's explore which hardwood species, finishes, textures, and graining patterns will work best for your household. We can’t wait to help you bring home stunning new hardwood!

Top Flooring Brands in McMurray, PA

When homeowners, business owners, and contractors need the top brands in flooring, they come to SP Floors & Design Center!

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Hardwood Care & Maintenance

You can easily care for your hardwood with the right preventative steps, regular care routine, and proper spill treatment.

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Hardwood Installation

Our pros can help you prepare with these helpful steps to take before, during, and after your new hardwood installation.

Get Inspired

How will you bring the organic luxury of hardwood into your spaces? Whether you are leaning towards modern, classic, traditional, or eclectic design, hardwood is a beloved surface that was made for unforgettable spaces. At SP Floors & Design Center, we’ve completed countless inspired layouts with hardwood and can help bring our expertise to your next great project. Explore our Hardwood Inspiration Gallery and make note of your favorite looks and visuals.