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Our window covering specialists can help you conceptualize the most effective designs that also offer the look you love.

Window Covering Design In McMurray, PA

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It goes without saying that function and aesthetics are the primary considerations when it comes to designing the best window covering solutions. Not only do the coverings need to fit the window dimensions accurately, but they also need to work effectively for the amount of natural light your rooms receive and enhance the décor of your room. In addition to aligning the scale of your window treatments to both the room size and furnishings, we can ensure that the color, style, texture, and finish complement the overall interior. Whether you prefer a vibe that’s soft and elegant, casual and comfortable, classic and traditional, or clean and contemporary, we can fit your vision!

Our window covering specialists also consider the architectural style of your existing windows and the impact of window covering color choices on both the interior and exterior visuals. We often recommend in rooms where resale might be a consideration, to begin by exploring neutral color choices like black, white, gray, or beige for new window covering design. These flexible tones offer greater long-term appeal and can more easily blend with changing design elements such as pillows, rugs, and accessories, as well as a refreshed aesthetic. By integrating different textures and colors to add depth and interest in other areas of the room, neutral-colored window covering design can become even more engaging and dynamic.