Window Covering Features

Enhance your experience with innovative window covering features designed to make every day a little more enjoyable.

Window Covering Features & Technology

At SP Floors & Design Center, we offer advanced window covering products featuring today’s most impressive technologies, including motorized lifting systems for enhanced convenience and functionality. These remote-controlled systems can be either battery-operated or hard-wired, and a single remote transmitter can manage up to 12 treatments!

We love motorized shades, shadings, and blinds since they offer precise control and ease of operation.
Each easy-to-use handheld remote transmitter communicates with either a receiver mounted near the covering, or through a three-position switch control for each window treatment.

Also, each window treatment is equipped with a stall sensor unit, located either next to the control unit or on the back of the switch plate.
These helpful sensors will detect when the treatment is fully raised and prevent the motor from overrunning.

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